Important Announcement: Bond Applications & Submissions to All 4 Major Banks


Global Estates Platinum in partnership with BetterBond Home Loans, is delighted to announce the following:

Following yesterday’s update, we want to start off with some good news! Yesterday we anticipated that home loan finance will not be part of the essential banking services, however, all our banking partners will be accepting applications from us!

In saying that, these are unusual times, and will certainly not be business as usual. Our banking aprtners have asked taht we please be patient with them as service levels and turnaround times will be greatly affected. Tehy are operating with the minimum skeleton staff and we can expect delays in processing of applications but rest assured that our systems are fully operational and our BetterBond Consultatnts are available to assist you.

Unfortunately, property transfers and bond registrations will still be delayed with the closure of teh Deeds Office. This will have a significant negative impact on cash flow throughout the value chain. We continue to remain positive that the lockdown period will not exceed 21 days.

We are extremely grateful taht we have our banking partners accessible to us, ensuring that we will be able to keep supporting and helping our customers with Approvals in Principle, where property valuations are required, and Formal Grants - helping them realise their dream of homeownership albeit in these strange and uncertain times.

Kindly not that all our Agents will be available to you24/7 via mobile and or/email.

We want to thank you for your continued support and know that we are available to assist in any way possible.

May God protect the Republic of South Africa!


Christiaan Myburgh

Principal & Director